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About Matthew Phillips

Based out of San Diego, Matthew Phillips has created something truly amazing. He began a music endeavor that has surpassed all expectations and has proven to be relevant on a global platform. With thousands of followers from across the globe his fan base will only continue to grow. With over 100,000 followers on Instagram, he has caught the attention of

Fender Electric Guitars, Taylor Acoustic Guitars, Electro Voice, Telefunken Microphones, GHS Strings, Voss water and so many more. A much anticipated release of his first debut record is in the making. Two incredible songs have already found their way into feature films. With years of touring nationally and with two international tours complete. Matthew will make a return to a city near you. With multiple dates sold out throughout the “Discovery Tour” this is only the beginning. There is so much more that remains to be written. His music truly resonates in the hearts of all from around the world.

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The Sound can be described as something new with classic melodies, lyrical hooks, vivid guitar runs, massive synth lines, and thumping kick and BASS.

The live shows are what sets apart Matthew from other Artists. Very few artists have the ability sound better live than in the studio. Matthew is one of the performers without a doubt kicks it up a notch in the live shows. Weather its jumping off stage and running into the crowd, or simply holding the hand of one less lonely girl. It is in this environment, whether Matthew is solo or performing with his band, he is one with the crowd. He commands the stage with a presence and charm that some modern performers lack. The purpose of all this is to give hope to the hopeless and show love to those who are broken.